SMARTFENSE is the online Information Security training and awareness platform internationally awarded which develops safe habits in end users.

By applying the latest technological trends and best pedagogical practices in e-learning and gamification, the content is displayed to users pleasantly and interactively to achieve a real and permanent change in behavior.

Our awareness platform also includes Phishing and Ransomware simulation components to measure the effectiveness of the actions performed and to know the development of users’ behavior objectively.

SMARTFENSE was created to give a full solution to organizations that are looking for a simple and quick implementation, with a coverage of all the topics and metrics that show behavior changes.

Illustrative image of SMARTFENSE platform

Our 100% responsive platform incorporates the best practices in safe web development (OWASP). Deliver a quality product and amaze everyone with the professional design of our tool, designed not only for you to manage but also for users to enjoy.


If you use our platform, you will be able to deliver the training content in a customized way through a great number of configuration options. Prove that you understand your people, prove that you are on their side.


From our platform, you can reach your entire organization by reducing incidents through education, reinforcement, and tests of the effectiveness of your actions with Phishing and Ransomware simulations.